about the film

In 1994, Rwanda experienced a mass killing in which an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed by their neighbors. Eyes on Rwanda tells the emotional tales of three Genocide survivors, Yves, Jean-Pierre and Frederick. Their remarkable stories of survival provoke questions of how such inhumane acts could be committed upon ones own people. The answer is simple: ignorance. One of the most imperative ways to resolve such a problem is through education. By educating the young population of Rwanda, kindness, understanding, and equality can begin to replace the hatred, discrimination and malice that had once occupied the country. The road toward cultural harmony may seem long and tricky, but one thing remains clear-- we must keep our eyes on Rwanda.

making eyes on rwanda

Eyes on Rwanda was filmed over the course of a month long study abroad during the summer of 2009. In working with many of the young Rwandans, Allison fell in love with their uncanny ability to recover from such an incredible tragedy. She saw that the education system was helping teach the young population of Rwanda the importance of kindness and equality, and felt it was her duty to help. So, she designed a documentary that would present the stories of Yves, Jean Pierre, and Frederick and be followed by individuals active in Rwanda's current education system. The result was 17-minute Eyes on Rwanda